Sonntag, 25. Januar 2009

Dein Ton

* * *

Der Rhythmus
Muss nicht immer passen
Der Text, der Reim
Spielt kaum noch eine Rolle
Was zählt
Was wirklich meine Seele ganz tief drin
Ist deine Stimme, deine Sprache
Dein Ton
Deine Melodie
Deine Tränen als Tonträger
Deine Ängste als Taktkiller
Deine Sehnsucht nach Liebe und deine
Stille Verzweiflung
Die Schreie deines Herzens
Sind für mich
Die einzige Musik dieser Welt
Du berührst mich
Nur so berührst du mich
So sehr, so tief, so folgenreich
Spiel weiter
Denn wie kein anderer hast du
Mich dort erreicht
Wo ich bin -
Dein Ton ist
Mein Ton

* * *

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Tatiana’s Letter from
“Eugene Onegin”,
Alexander Pushkin
May I perish, but first
I will call upon some mysterious bliss
in the radiant hope
that I shall know all life’s joys!
I drink the magic poison of desire,
I am pursued by dreams:
Everywhere my fatal tempter
appears before me,
always, always, he is before me!

No, that’s not it! I’ll start over again…

Ah, what’s wrong? I’m on fire!
I don’t know how to begin…

“I write to you—what else can I say?
What more can I explain?
I know you have the power
to punish me with your scorn.
But you will not desert me
and you will find a little pity
for me in my unhappiness!
At first I wanted to remain silent.
Believe me: my shame
would have remained unknown to you forever,
Oh yes, I had sworn to keep my ardent passion
a secret locked within my heart.
But I can no longer subdue my heart!
Let fate take its course,
I’ll confess to him! Courage! Let him know everything!

“Why, oh why did you visit us?
In this remote country district
I should never have met you,
I’d never have known these heartaches.
Time would have soothed the emotions
of the guileless heart and (who knows)
I might have met someone to my liking,
have become a faithful wife
and virtuous mother…”

Another!—No, I could not give my
heart to anyone else!
This has been decreed from above,
Heaven has willed it: I am yours!
My whole life has been pledged
to this true meeting with you!
I know that God has sent you to me,
you are my guardian ’til the grave!
I saw you in my dreams,
and yet unknown, I loved you!
I pined for your wonderful glance!
My soul has listened to your voice
for years… No, this was no dream!
The moment you entered, I knew you.
I swooned, I took fire,
and I said to myself: It is he!
It is he!

Was it not your voice that I heard
when you spoke to me in the silence,
when I helped the poor,
or soothed my soul
with prayers?
And at this moment,
it not the dear vision of you
was that flashed through the transparent gloom,
quietly nestling up to my bedside,
and with love and happiness
whispered words of hope to me?

“Who are you, my guardian angel
or an evil tempter?
Disperse my doubts.
Perhaps this is all a vain dream,
the deception of an innocent hear,
and mine is to be a different fate?”

Then so be it! My fate
I confide into your hands,
and in tears before you
I plead for your protection,
I beg you for it!
Imagine: I am alone here!
No one understands me!
I’m too exhausted to think,
and I must perish in silence!
I wait for you,
I wait for you! With one word
you can revive my hopes,
or shatter this dream
with well-merited scorn!

I must end…I dare not read it through…
I could die for shame and fear…
but your honor is my safeguard,
and fearlessly I put my trust in it!